Big Skies Collaborators have initiated, or are in the process of initiating their own projects to explore humanity’s relationships with the Cosmos within southeastern Australia’s rural Inland.

These projects include …

Seven Sisters Ridge Rehabilitation Project 2020

Condo SkyFest with Wiradjuri Study Centre, Condobolin – 9-10 November 2018

Seven Sistas Weavings by Big Skies Collaborator Bev Coe and fibre artists from Condobolin’s SistaShed – to be toured in 2019

Skywriters Project with Big Skies Collaborator Merrill Findlay – ongoing

Skywriters Anthology – published 2019

First ‘Big Gig’, Parkes, 8-9 July 2017

Wiradjuri Skywriters Pilot Project

Wiradjuri Constellation Art by Wiradjuri artist Scott ‘Sauce’ Towney – current

Skycountry: a cosmography – a literary work-in-progress by Big Skies Collaborator Merrill Findlay

Outer Space, Inner Thoughts – an interactive online project by Big Skies Collaborator David Reiter – in R&D phase

Carnarvon to Narrabri: a literary journey by Big Skies Collaborator Tracy Sorensen – work-in-progress

Big Skies Immersive Theatre Production by Stalker Theatre Company led by Big Skies Collaborator David Clarkson – awaiting funding

Inland Astro-Trail – initiated through the Skywriters Project.

Visual Arts – TBA

Digital Media – TBA

Quasar Scan – TBA

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