IAT Symposium 2019

Our first Inland Astro-Trail Symposium will be held in the Coventry Room, Parkes, NSW, on Wednesday 6 February 2019, 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, and will be followed by IAT’s first AGM, plus dinner and stargazing at The Dish Cafe beside the Parkes Radio Telescope. (Full symposium program to be posted here soon.)

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First Inland Astro-Trail Symposium_ 2019_V5 Final 500wide
IAT Symposium poster created by Steven Cavanagh for Arts OutWest, December 2018, to evoke the landscape our astro-trail wanders through and the celestial wonders of our skyscape at night. Thank you, Steven.

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The Symposium will be co-hosted by Inland Astro-Trail Inc., and our partner organisations and in-kind sponsors including Destination Country and Outback, Parkes Shire Council, Central NSW Councils (CENTROC), Arts OutWest, the University of Canberra and Australian National University.

This event will be of special interest to people working in the Local Government, Tourism, Economic Development, Cultural Heritage and STEAM Outreach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) sectors, and all those who are interested in developing the potential of  the dozens of astronomical observatories and astro-heritage sites in southeastern Australia’s rural Inland, within the region we call our 700 Kilometre Array.

The Symposium will be followed by IAT Inc.’s first AGM, and our first stargazing dinner at The Dish Cafe, Parkes Radio Telescope.

So – if you’d like to be part of this visionary initiative, please book here and/or download a membership form:

PDF version IAT Inc Membership Form 2018
Word version IAT Inc Membership Form 2018.

You might even like to nominate yourself or someone else for the new committee.

As of early January 2019, we’re still confirming the program, but it is expected to include speakers on a diverse range of themes, including astronomy, cultural heritage, planning, tourism, planetariums, First Nations skylore, traditional Chinese cosmology, and STEAM Outreach. Early February is a busy time for many people, so we’ll be beaming some of our speakers in via Zoom or Skype.

We’ll also be exhibiting Seven Sistas Weavings, a collection of sculptural works by Big Skies Collaborator and Master Weaver Bev Coe and the sistas of the Condo SistaShed, which was feature event at the Wiradjuri Study Centre‘s inaugural Condo SkyFest in November 2018.

The Condo fibre artists were inspired by Seven Sisters Ridge between Condobolin and Parkes which, they believe, was a significant traditional site on Australia’s transcontinental Seven Sisters Dreaming Track. The Seven Sisters dreaming is associated with the star cluster now known as the Pleiades. Bev Coe and the sistas produced the exhibition to education young Wiradjuri people about their astronomical heritage. More >>


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