Skywriters: Deadline Reminder

Yes, it’s time to submit your skystory!

26 January 2019

Dear Skywriters,

Just a few more days to go before we reach Deadline Day, 31 January, so, if you haven’t already submitted your skystory, then please either do it this week or contact me asking for a time extension! (Email and phone number below.)

I’ve already received around 30 prose and poetry submissions ranging in length from the max. 3,000-words to just a few lines. They’re diverse and very engaging. I’d even call a few ‘perfect’ they’re so good! But we still have some gaps which I’m hoping some of you will fill in the next few days.

A confession!

And yes, I have a confession to make. I haven’t quite finished my 3,000-word submission yet either and will need an extension!  Been a bit busy organising our Inland Astro-Trail Symposium to be held in Parkes on 6 February and the darn thing has been swallowing too much of my time! I’ll therefore be responding very empathetically to anyone else’s request for an extension!

A global art, science and ‘cosmic culture’ festival on our Inland Astro-Trail!

As you’ll see from Inland Astro-Trail’s ‘Founding Vision‘ I posted on our website recently, one of the many ‘dot points’ I included is a global festival of science, the arts and ‘cosmic culture’. Something that will thrill us Inlanders and excite the thousands of city folk who travel along the Newell Highway between Brisbane and Melbourne and to and from Sydney on the Great Western each year.

We need something big, well-sponsored, sophisticated, unique and deeply cultural to attract this mob, don’t you reckon? I’m thinking an event similar to the BlueDot Festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, UK, or Starmus which, this year will be held in Zurich, Switzerland. Indeed, Starmus is so influential now that the 2019 program was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week! Check it out!

I reckon that, with a bit of savvy collaboration, we could pull together enough strategic partnerships to do something utterly extraordinary on our IAT! Don’t you?

But unlike BlueDot and Starmus OUR festival would include a plentiful serving of literary culture across multiple genres! And maybe even the launch of a future Skywriters Anthology!

Lots to look forward to – but please send your skystories to me asap so our publishing team can get this first anthology finished!

I hope to see some of you at our symposium in Parkes on 6 Feb. The same room we had our first Skywriters Big Gig in but with more in-kind sponsors and better food this time! :)

My warmest wishes to you all.


Dr Merrill Findlay
Skywriters Project
Big Skies Collaboration
T: 0404057162


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Newsletter sent Saturday 26 January 2019.

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