Big Skies Immersive Theatre

David Clarkson, director of Sydney’s Stalker Theatre Company, is now leading a diverse team of creatives in developing a space-themed immersive theatre experience for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 2019.

Stalker is one of Australia’s leading physical theatre companies with an enviable international reputation. Its recent production, Frameshift, a co-production with the South Korean vertical performance group Creative Dandi and B-boys Drifterzcrew, premiered at the 2016 Seoul Street Arts Festival and was featured at the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) in England in August 2017. Another recent show, Creature: Dot and the Kangaroo, commissioned by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre for the Out Of The Box Festival in 2016, was performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2017 and will tour Australia and China in 2018.

Stalker’s Big Skies production will be unlike any of the company’s past shows, however. It will take you on an extraordinary mythic journey from Wiradjuri Country, in Inland New South Wales, to Earth’s moon, our nearest planets, and far beyond them to the stars of the Milky Way. Can’t tell you more yet, but we promise that you’ll never have seen anything like Big Skies 2019!

More on our R&D for this show here >>

Below: a taste of Stalker’s recent work.

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