Pre-order Skywriters anthology, Dark Sky Dreamings

SkywritersAnthology cover DSD_FCov-FINAL_smallerWe’ve done it! Our anthology has gone to press and is just about ready to launch!

Thanks once again to all the skywriters who contributed to our exciting Dark Sky Dreamings: an Inland Skywriters Anthology and to all our friends and supporters who’ve been part of this project too.

The book, with Bathurst astro-photographer Niall MacNeill’s image on the front, looks gorgeous – and, as promised, contributors will each receive a free hardcopy from our publisher, IP. But IP’s David Reiter would also like to offer contributors a special pre-order deal on extra copies.

The anthology will retail for $33, GST-inc. We will sell it at launch events for the special retail price of $30.

After the launch, contributors will be eligible to order copies at the bookshop discount (40% off) of $19.80/book + freight. But – if you pre-order before the initial launch event in Tamworth on 31 October,  IP will offer you 40% off the special launch price, i.e. $18/copy + free freight.

(Christmas gift-giving is not that far away – imagine the delight of your family and friends when they receive an autographed copy of your anthology!)

Register your pre-orders now!
To register your pre-orders, just email your contact details, including the number of copies required in addition to your free copy, to IP at
You can also browse IP’s online store at
The Launch

We’re launching Dark Sky Dreamings in Tamworth during Regional Arts NSW’s ArtState 2019 Festival with Tamworth Regional Astronomy Club (TRAC) members, and, I hope, lots of contributors to read from their skystories. I’m advised that the best time for the launch would be on the night of Thursday 31 October after the Festival’s Opening Ceremony. TRAC members are still discussing where, when and what would work best for them and their telescopes though. I’ll let you know more as soon I know myself!

No, that’s wrong!

12.50 pm Tuesday and, just as I’m about to hit Send, I’ve  received an email from TRAC’s Leigh Tschirpig telling me that yes, members “should be OK to set a couple of telescopes for the book launch at Bicentennial Park [Tamworth] on 31 October.” So that’s where our launch will be: Bicentennial Park, 545 Peel Street, Tamworth, 8.30 pm on 31 October 2019. With telescopes and astronomers! (And there’ll be a sausage sizzle nearby as part of the ArtState Opening too!)

Local launches
Tracey Callinan (Arts OutWest) and l (and possibly others) will be speaking about the Skywriters Project and other Big Skies Collaboration projects at ArtState on Friday 1 November. I’ll be heading home to Forbes down the Inland Astro-Trail probably Sunday/Monday. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of ooomph to organise any more launches for that week but let’s celebrate at local libraries, book shops and/or cafes when I’ve recovered. One of our curators, Gai Lander, has offered to organise a launch in Grenfell … and maybe other skywriters would like to co-host launches in their hometowns too. Let’s talk if you’d like to  do a Skywriters gig in your town.

The Book’s Title

In my last newsletter I appealed for suggestions for a commercially engaging title for the anthology. The response was overwhelming! I received nearly 80 suggestions — all of them terrific — from more than 20 Skywriters and supporters! The title David decided on is inspired by several of the names submitted. I love it. Does it work for you?

Our thanks to Donna Burton, Ian Gibbons,  Leanne Wicks,  Alison Rumps,  Neville Jennings, Di Baker, Christine McMillan, Marion Packham, Lyn Everingham,  Sarah MacKean, Robyn, Vince O’Donnell,  Nicky Loader, Carly Lorente,  Martha Gelin,  Suzie Gibson,  ‘Pineview 2085’, Rosemary Curry,  Marlene Cutler, Elizabeth Macintosh and Gai Lander for all your great suggestions. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone! My apologies if I have.)

Back cover blurbs

Three of our supporters have contributed blurbs for the back cover to entice readers to buy our book. Thank you Brad, Tamryn and Peter. See below.

This anthology beautifully tells the stories from the perspective of people who live on the land, and their connection to Space in this most important of astronomical areas. From behind the scenes of some of the biggest astronomical events, to stories of viewing parts of our galaxy—views that billions of people across the world can no longer see—we gain an insight into a new universal reality as humans on our planet Earth, orbiting around our star, the Sun, in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Brad Tucker
Research Fellow, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National UniversityThe many voices of Dark Sky Dreaming speak to the canopy of stars that web our memories, carbon cells and spirit, reminding us that we share the same wide sky. Though each Skywriter charts a different astral track, this celestial compendium connects us to something numinous, inviting us to see the universe anew.
~ Tamryn Bennett
Artistic Director, Red Room PoetryIn the company of these stargazing storytellers, under a night sky so exuberant and immense, it’s possible to loosen yourself from the world of cities and forebodings and experience again that childhood sense of being an enchanted guest in a majestic and marvelous world.
Peter Bishop
Writers’ Advocate


Anthology foreword online
I’ve posted a recent version of the Foreword on our website, with special thanks to my fellow curators, Suzie Gibson, Val Clark and Gai Lander, who are also credited on the title page inside the book (because David reckoned that having too many names on the front cover would make the anthology look too ‘academic’!)  You can read it and leave your comments here>>

Again, our thanks to everyone who has been part of this magnificent project. What a team we all make. What a network of great creatives!


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