Yes, our Anthology is finally in production!

Dear Skywriters,

We now have 22 fictions, 15 nonfictions and 26 poems stashed in the Skywriters Project‘s Dropbox folder and our curators, Suzie, Val and Gai, are now at work prioritising them and making comments on a spreadsheet. At this stage, the texts are identified only by numbers to ensure that the curating process is ‘blind’ which means that I’m the only person who knows anything about our authors.

We’ve received skystories from all over Australia, even from Perth. I remain astonished at their range and capacity to move me. I’ve laughed, wept, been inspired and even angered by individual stories. I’ve also learned a lot! Some of the texts evoke land and skyscapes  I’m familiar with and have given me new ways of seeing them. Other stories have disarmed me by their honesty about issues I hadn’t connected with the sky before, including domestic violence and single parenthood, for example. Others have begun fairly ho-hum, cruised along in familiar territory, and then, Wham, they’ve blasted me into somewhere new and unexpected!

So our curators are in for an emotional roller-coaster ride as they consider the submissions over the next few weeks. Once we’ve completed this stage, we’ll discuss the stories with our publisher, IP’s David Reiter, and advise our the authors of their skystories’ fates.

The outcome will, we expect, be a 300-page book in hardcopy plus three digital formats. You’ll be able to buy it for your friends and rels as Christmas presents and download e-versions to your devices for your own enjoyment. (I expect all our inland libraries will buy copies too, and local councils might even use them as gifts for visiting dignitaries!) This book will surely be treasured throughout inland NSW for years to come!

We’ll celebrate our achievement, of course, with launches at several sites along our Inland Astro-Trail and lots of local press. Maybe even a review or two. Coonabarabran skywriters and readers have already invited us to do a launch in their hometown, and I’ve heard whispers from other towns too. We can talk about where, when and how later though.

More immediately – like next Sunday evening, 31 March – we’re launching Tracy Sorensen’s Big Skies Collaboration multimedia story, Staring At The Sun, from her expeditions to the remote BiSON helioseismology observatories at Carnarvon, where her novel, The Lucky Galah, is set, and Narrabri on our Inland Astro-TrailThis small gig will be held from 6.30 pm at Vi Tourle’s historic Lachlan Inn at 57 Lambert Street, Bathurst. All skywriters are invited, especially those of you who live in Bathurst. But please let me know that you’ll be attending by replying to this email, so I know how many nibbles to prepare!

The next stages of our Skywriters Project involve editing, contracts, and promises of tiny royalty payments to the selected authors. Please expect to hear from us again soon.

Warmest wishes
26 March 2019

Dr Merrill Findlay
The Skywriters Project
Big Skies Collaboration
T: 61 (0)404057162


Big Skies Collaborators acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live and recognise their continuing connection to Country. We also pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.


Newsletter sent Saturday 25 March 2019.

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