Small Reminder

by Leanne Wicks for The Skywriters Project. Pre-print version.

 “When I was a boy I learned all sorts of things from the blackfellows.  They soon got friendly and I was sorry to see them gradually dying out.  I had many playmates amongst them and I haven’t forgotten the principal words of the tribes round here yet.  (Here the old gentleman quoted a score of native names for . . . sun, moon, stars)”

Centennial Supplement to The Daily Telegraph, Sydney.  Monday, January 23, 1888
Mr William Small born 14 Dec 1796

Sirius led the fleet-footed Kingsmen south
I am the son of a convict
didn’t want to be here,
worker ant for the colony.
My sister the first white child
but not the first bright, wild
daughter of the land.

Dark hands waved
by the river,
we were boys
skimming stones,
skin tones irrelevant.
Laughter rolled around
our gums
under the same sky’s sun.
Our dream moon
slipped into wide smiles
in love with the world
right down to bare feet
pressing on the past.
I still gaze up at
slain playmates
displayed as

© Leanne Wicks 2018

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