Posters for our Skywriters Anthology and Condo SkyFest by Steven Cavanagh, Arts OutWest,

Photo credits:
Skywriters Anthology image of the southern sky courtesy of under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Our thanks to Steven and to the unknown photographer.
Condo SkyFest image by Bourke firefighter Scotty Willoughby. Used with generous permission. Thank you Scotty.

Download Anthology posters as pdfs here
Skywriters Anthology A3 poster_2019 Call Out_small [ pdf 932 KB]
Skywriters Anthology A3 poster_2019 Call Out_large [pdf 1.21.MB]
Skywriters Anthology Poster jpegs below [932KB] – a simple Save AsA high-resolution version is available on request from
Condo Sky Fest 2018_final
Jpeg image below

Skywriters Anthology A3 poster_2019 Call Out_small

Condo Sky Fest 2018_final_Lo Res.jpg

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