Outer Space, Inner Thoughts

A proposal by Big Skies Collaborator Dr David Reiter
[Outer Space, Inner Thoughts is a working title only.]

IP’s media release for David’s Inland Astro-Trail tour in July >>

Draft v.15 June 2018

In this collaboration with the Skywriters Project, I’ll undertake a multi-phased work to explore how the visible and invisible universes surrounding us inspire creative thought and expression. I’ll compose several projects over two years, including a digital narrative in the mode of my recent work Timelord Dreaming, a web-based interactive work along the lines of the My Planets Reunion Memoir, the winner of a 2016 WA Premier’s Award. This new project will produce a 3D immersive work in collaboration with Skywriter creatives. It will include dance, music and visual arts and will either be produced at a part of a QUT Cube Studio project or in with a specialist at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), where I have already had two Leighton Studio residencies.

In Phase 1, I’ll visit Skywriters Project localities along the Inland Astro-Trail to interview participants. I’ll ask them open-ended questions about how they relate to matter (both known and projected) beyond Earth and how their interest in aspects of cosmology, influences their lives and their creative work. The interviews will be recorded, and, with the images and video sequences I shoot at various sites along the astro-trail, will provide real and imagined context for the interviewees’ words.

In Phase 2, I’ll edit, select and respond to the resource material gathered in Phase 1 in a fanzine mode, using interviewees’ words as the springboard for micro-texts to create a hybrid interactive work. All recorded material will be archived for possible use in spin-off projects.

In Phase 3, I’ll collaborate with 3D and web designers to create an immersive interactive work which can have spin-offs in dance, theatre, music – live and/or online. Possible elements could include 3D avatars that respond to browser/visitor questions in real time. Or viewer-driven pathways through the real and constructed spaces of a 3D world.

David will be travelling the Inland Astro-Trail in July to visit observatories, meet astronomers and skywriters, and to see the country. The Skywriters Project and Inland Astro-Trail Inc. will be organizing events and meetings along the way.

Top image from David Reiter’s My Planets Reunion Memoir.

Media release about the tour with contact details  >>

Thursday 19 July 2018 – Armidale

Friday 20 July – Tamworth

Saturday 21 July – Narrabri

Sunday 22 July – Coonabarabran

Monday 23 July – Dubbo

Tuesday 24 July – Parkes

Wednesday 25 July – Condobolin

Thursday 26 July – Orange/Bathurst

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